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Meet Me at Ground Zero - MP3 Audio File

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Meet Me at Ground Zero - MP3 Audio File

Track 4 from Big World Getting Smaller by The Jay Beech Band


Released in 1989, Big World Getting Smaller was Jay's first new entertainment product since his debut recording, The Death of the Stickman, in 1982. It included a number of songs that reflected the tense political climate and global threats of that era including nuclear proliferation, toxic waste, and population growth. Shortly after it's release, the Berlin Wall fell, the Soviet Union collapsed, and the Cold War was officially over, all of which really ruined the sales of this title. Boy, sometimes you just can't win.

Yet, it seems that these issues have not yet disappeared. The title song speaks of our big world being made smaller both by technology and by exploding population growth. This creates a shrinking world with a greatly heightened awareness of the increasing disparity between the poor and those in positions of privilege. As people of hope, Christians must still believe that our problems are not insurmountable, although, as the song says,
“It's gonna take a lot of real persistence
With hearts and brains and the Lord's assistance.”


Prior to September 11th, 2001, the term “ground zero” still bore for most Americans it's more general definition – the point on a map where a bomb is aimed. In that context, this song explored the attitude of someone trying to learn the meaning of love under the threat of nuclear destruction.

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