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Lazarus, Come Forth! - MP3 Audio File

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Lazarus, Come Forth! - MP3 Audio File

Track 13 from One Body, Alive! by Jay Beech


The story of the raising of Lazarus is one of the best known and most incredible stories in the New Testament. All of us can identify with the emotions of Lazarus' family - grieving, angry, confused as they struggle to understand how Jesus could have allowed this to happen. Yet, ultimately, Larazus in this narrative represents all of humanity. When Jesus, prefiguring his own resurrection, raises Lazarus, we understand that we will one day be in his place. Undeterred by the inevitability of death, we will, in hope, wait in our own tombs for the day when Jesus will call out to us, just as he did to Lazarus, “Come forth!”


Full length MP3 audio file originally recorded on One Body, Alive! in 1994.

4:15 - 44.1 kHz, 160kbps - 4.9mb

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