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Preface Dialog (Rock Hymnal2)

from Rock Hymnal vol.2 liturgy by - Jay Beech
English translation of text by ICET; Music by Jay Beech, 1991. All rights reserved.
Used by permission: [Insert your license info here.]


You've probably never heard the dialog between presider and the assembly at the beginning of Holy Communion quite like this. The music will remind you more of Buddy Holly and Chuck Berry than Gregorian Chant, but it certainly is joyful. The song comes from Rock Hymnal vol.2 which featured a complete setting of the Holy Communion texts that were used in the Lutheran Book of Worship. This was Jay's first foray into writing liturgical music.

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Preface Dialog - from Rock Hymnal vol.2 - Piano/Vocal Score Three page PDF score in A major includes:

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